New polling: broad support to reduce toxic pollution

DENVER — Today, Conservation Colorado and Keating Research released new polling[1] of 500 likely November 2020 voters statewide in Colorado, conducted May 11-13, 2020. The survey demonstrates that Colorado voters overwhelmingly support three proposals to protect the public by reducing emissions of toxic chemicals into Colorado’s air and water, and to mitigate the adverse effects on communities when Colorado’s air and water quality laws are violated. A memo summarizing the results for the Colorado State Legislature is available here[2].

“This poll confirms what we have long suspected: Coloradans stand united in calling for action to reduce toxic pollution in our air and water,” said Sophia Mayott-Guerrero, communities and justice advocate with Conservation Colorado. “Regardless of age, geography, race, or partisanship, Colorado voters strongly support legislative action to protect our communities and hold corporate polluters accountable for breaking the law.”

Each one of these three air and water quality proposals was supported by a nearly unanimous majority 83% to 89% of registered Democrats. These common-sense proposals are also supported by a majority 53% to 61% of registered Republicans. The bills tested include:

  • HB20-1265 – A bill to expand emissions monitoring and emergency notification for uncontrolled emissions of hazardous air pollution. (73% Support – 17% Oppose)
  • SB20-204 – A bill to create a new program to conduct air quality monitoring, research and analysis, and set fees per ton of pollution emissions. (69% Support – 20% Oppose) 
  • HB20-1143 – A bill to increase Colorado’s maximum daily fine for air and water quality violations to $47,357. (67% Support – 21% Oppose)

“We have the resilient perspective of survivorship of environmental racism to realize predatory targeting by industries exploiting resources and people, we know what predators look like,” said Renee Millard-Chacon, a mom and member of the Indigenous/Xicana community. “Colorado has the responsibility to future generations to correct corruption at the expense of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) health, by strengthening protections, and moving towards healing our air and water. Our chance to be good ancestors is now!”

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